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Streamz is redefining the notion of onchain music communities. We're building a world where listeners can participate in creation alongside artists

SZN 1 starts now and the mission is to earn points towards the next airdrop by creating and collecting.


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Initial Community Airdrop
15% of the supply will be airdropped to those who connect their wallets to the site and meet the eligibility requirements or participate in the community
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Future Airdrop
40% of the supply will be reserved for future airdrops, potentially rewarding community activity, contributions, and engagement as well as supporting up and coming artists.
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Liquidity Pool
15% of the supply will be reserved for seeding liquidity pools. A Uniswap pool will be seeded upon launch.
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Provider Rewards
10% of the supply will be reserved for those who provide liquidity in our seed pools. Wallets that provide liquidity to the Uniswap pool will be rewarded based on activity.
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Ecosystem Growth
20% of the remaining supply will be reserved for ecosystem and community growth. This includes partnerships, collaborations, and other growth initiatives.


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What's a revolution without a solid crew? When you join us, you're not just holding a token; you're backing a movement to rethink music architecture and the development of new music applications onchain. Grab your tokens, spread the word, and let's pump up the volume

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Connect your wallet and contribute to the bounties to get your score. Farm new bounties to increase your score for the airdrop

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